Based in Munich, Germany

Release date:
December 2014

PC / Mac


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Planned USD€14.99
Planned EUR€9.99


Shinigami Incarnate builds on the well-proven, classical platform game genre and is merged with deep roleplay mechanics and fast-paced action elements. The affecting story is set in the myhtical world of Japanese mythology build with a handrawn environment.


Shinigami was a Project we started back in our old study days and should reach the industry by now.


  • Traditional handdrawn environment.
  • Emotional Soundtrack.
  • Dramatic Storyline.
  • Fighting System.
  • Advanced Movement Mechanics.


(Pre Production) Shinigami Art Style Showoff YouTube

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      About Synoptic-Entertainment

      We are a small, ambitious, independent Games Development Team by the name “Synoptic Entertainment”. We are have currently finished studying at a Game Development University in Germany and now we're working eagerly on our second project by the name "Shinigami-Incarnate".

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      Shinigami Incarnate Credits

      Patrick Neumüller
      Programmer, Founder

      Tamara Grünwald
      2D Artist

      Mahmoud Benzarti
      Programming/Tools, Freelancer

      Ole Martin Langlie
      Audio Designer

      Mark Jackson
      Community Manager

      Javier Cubillos
      3D Artist, Intern

      Halcescu Alex
      3D Artist, Intern

      Eleanor Roberts
      2D Artist, Intern

      presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks